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Buonicore Partners (BP) was founded in 2007 by Anthony J. Buonicore and Peter L. Cashman to identify investment opportunities in the building energy efficiency market. The following year, BP launched the daily news service, Building Energy Performance Assessment News, which has since become the leading source for building energy efficiency information in the commercial real estate industry. With almost a century of combined experience in the energy and environmental markets, from company start-up to financing to operational improvement to revenue enhancement to M&A, the partners in BP provides this expertise on a consultancy basis. BP services are uniquely designed to assist businesses that serve, or plan to serve, the building energy efficiency market, to develop the expertise, tools and strategies for current and future success in this fast growing industry. Buonicore Partners, Inc. is a subsidiary of Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Inc.


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Buonicore Partners provides this strategic advice to companies and state agencies serving various aspects of energy and environmental services. Most recently, BP was selected as the Third Party Administrator for Connecticut’s innovative C-PACE program.

Other assignments have included work for consulting and engineering companies (such as Terracon, PSI, EMG, S&ME & Japan Real Estate Institute); Manufacturers (such as Enerlume, Seldera &Transformative Wave Technologies); Professional Associations (such as the Environmental Bankers Association); Information service companies (such as Sustainable Real Estate Solutions and Business Process Systems); Government entities (EPA and DOE).

In addition to providing advice to many financial institutions, BP has identified and sourced funding for multiple enterprises working with venture capital firms such as Bain Capital, Trident Capital, Connecticut Innovations and others.


  • Energy Efficiency Financial Analysis
  • Underwriting Energy Efficiency Loans
  • Third Party ESCO Performance Contract Review
  • Strategies to Access New Markets
  • Sales and Marketing Program Development
  • Training: When, Where and How to use the BEPA standard
  • Staffing and Resource Management
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Business Investment Consulting
  • Outsourcing Assistance
  • Turn-around Strategy Assistance

Are you thinking about:

  • an energy savings retrofit project using an ESCO and need help on the best way to proceed?
  • acquiring an energy efficiency service company and need a third party review?
  • the availability of energy auditors in a certain geographic area and need help checking this out?
  • evaluating whether to invest in a particular energy efficiency company and need a third party review?

...Buonicore Partners can help!

Do you need:

  • a third party to review the energy efficiency guarantee you are getting from a vendor?
  • market research done for a particular product or service in the building energy efficiency sector?
  • help in making the market aware of what you are offering?
  • help in developing a marketing strategy?
  • help in developing a selling strategy?
  • a third party to review your business plan?
  • assistance getting into the emerging energy efficiency market?

...Buonicore Partners can help!

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Underwriting Energy Efficiency Financing in the Innovative Connecticut PACE Program
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Jessica Bailey, Director Connecticut PACE
Kerry E. O'Neill, Senior Advisor, Clean Energy Finance Center


Key Steps to Monetizing Building Portfolio Energy Savings Opportunities
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Emerging Building Energy Performance Regulations and Industry's Response
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Andrew Burr, LEED AP

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Authors: Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E. and
Robert Watson, P.E., C.E.M.

Energy Savings Insurance and the New ASTM BEPA Standard
Author: Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E.

M&V in Energy Performance Contracting Using ASTM BEPA Methodology
Authors: Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E. and
Christopher F. Halpin, P.E., CMVP, CEM, LEED AP


Using the New BEPA Standard in Energy Auditing and ECM Performance Evaluation
Author: Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E.
Robert Watson, P.E., C.E.M.

Using the New ASTM BEPA Standard in the Property Transaction Market
Author: Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E.

New BEPA Standard May Serve as Safe Harbor for Emerging Building Energy Labeling, Transactional Disclosure and Benchmarking Regulations
Authors: Mark J. Bennett Esq.
Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E.
David J. Freeman Esq.

The Formidable Challenge of Building Energy Performance Benchmarking
Anthony J. Buonicore, PE, BCEE

Our Team

Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E.
Managing Partner

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Anthony serves as the Chairman of the National ASTM Task Group that developed the E2797-11, Building Energy Performance Assessment Standard. He co-chaired the Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Sub-group of the Zero Energy Commercial Buildings Consortium and authors the Building Energy Performance Assessment Blog.

He established and chaired the A&WMA Energy-Environmental Interactions Technical Committee; is past president of AWMA and served as National Chairman of the First AIChE Conference on Energy and Environmental Interactions. He conducts nationwide courses on the use of Phase I & II audits. The author of multiple whitepapers and webinars on building environmental and energy performance issues, he is routinely employed as an expert witness on environmental issues associated with commercial real estate.

Anthony was co-founder of BCA Services, an environmental consulting company, Chemrox, Inc., a specialty pollution control equipment manufacturer and was a founder Environmental Data Resources, serving successively as president, CEO, and Chairman. For more information refer to: Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E.

Peter L. Cashman
Managing Partner

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Peter’s 40+ year career has included government service at both the state and federal level. In Connecticut he served as the State Senator leading the charge for the creation the CT Environmental Protection Agency. Later, as Lt. Governor, he created the CT River Estuary authority to preserve and protect the lower Connecticut River valley. This groundbreaking project eliminated the use of eminent domain procedures supplanting them with voluntary purchases of property easements from Middletown to Old Lyme. His government career also included service as director US EPA Office of Regional Operations with a mandate from the Administrator to improve the efficiency of all Regional Offices.

A serial entrepreneur, he served as founder and CEO of Environmental Data Resources, Inc., raising over $20 million and eventually leading its investors to a successful exit in 1999. Since leaving EDR he has co-founded or invested in multiple startup companies including Buonicore Partners and Building Energy Performance Assessment News. In addition he has launched the highly successful Hawkeye Employers Candidate Sourcing service which is designed to quickly and inexpensively identify candidates for open positions at energy and environmental companies. For more information refer to: Peter L. Cashman

Louis F. Dempsey
Managing Director, Buonicore Partners

Lou is the Managing Director of Buonicore Partners Institutional Energy Efficiency Group. His twenty plus year career in the financial services industry encompassed banking, international equity trading, asset management, allocation and modeling. At U.S. Trust, Bank Julius Baer, Bear Stearns, Commonfund and Lighthouse Partners Lou worked with multiple institutional investors including endowments, foundations and healthcare institutions. His experience includes investing in, and the appropriate role for, the full spectrum of asset classes including cash, fixed-income, equity, hedge funds, commodities, private real estate and private equity.

He is a graduate of Providence College in 1987 and recently completed his Masters in Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Denver. Lou’s study focused on regulatory and policy issues related to energy development and use, energy finance, alternative and renewable energy systems as well as a comprehensive study of green building. His capstone project provided a comprehensive study on the benefits of endowment-funded campus energy investments.

Lou is an active member of the Weston CT Volunteer Fire Department and recipient of the 2010 American Red Cross Hero Award.

John W. Ekegren, Associate
Buonicore Partners

For over 30 years, John has devoted his engineering career to developing innovative solutions for the commercial, multifamily and industrial energy efficiency markets. As manager of Variable Speed Drives for the U.S. Motors Division of Emerson Electric, John worked with Trane to develop the first Variable Air Volume (VAV) system for HVAC equipment. A proponent of efficient lighting, Ekegren was also an early pioneer of using T8 fluorescent ballasts and lamps to light high bay warehouses, which reduces electrical costs by over 45 percent. More recently, John successfully advised Lowe’s to adopt this approach for all new store construction and retrofits. He used a similar approach at Sleepy’s, implementing a lighting reduction plan that reduced the retail giant’s energy consumption by 34 percent. And as executive vice president at Aerial Electric, John advised more than 25 companies on the benefits of fluorescent T8 or T5 fixtures in parking garages, generating significant savings in operating costs. John is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, and holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering. John will provide energy efficiency project review and implementation expertise.

James R. Bleecker
Associate Energy Efficiency Modeling & CFO

In a career spanning 25 years Jim has served as a consultant, developer and CFO. His technical work has included coding and implementing software, database consulting and financial management programs. His most recent experience includes the development of various financial analysis modeling applications. He has also authored custom accounting integration applications, forecasting models, sales and marketing analysis tools and specialized reporting systems. Jim holds an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School.

Bruce R. Thompson, P.E.

Bruce is a former Diplomat to the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, and is a Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and prior member of the ASME Power Piping Code Committee B31.1. He has taught mechanical engineering subjects at the Universities of Hartford and New Haven. Bruce holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Connecticut and a M. S. degree in Mechanical engineering from the University of Bridgeport.